My Healthcare Plan

Last week President Obama said he was looking for input on healthcare and wanted to consider all options.  I’m glad he asked!

First, there are 40 million plus, who are uninsured.

  • Of that, more then ten million can reportedly afford healthcare, but opt not to.  To them I say, “too bad.”  They need to be told to act responsibly and take care of themselves. 
  • Next, are the citizens who cannot afford even the most basic of coverage.  They need to have their basic health needs taken care of.  This should be a combination of government initiatives, along with the private sector and charities.  Note, that I said basic.  They should not receive unlimited benefits, but basic, essential ones.  When a person is homeless, the goal is to provide basic housing, not a mansion.  When people have no food, provide them with a basic meal, not seven-course dinner.  The same goes with healthcare.  Plus, if people don’t like the basic shelter, basic food, or basic healthcare that is provided, they always have the option to go without. 
  • Then, are the people who are here illegally.  That is another problem that needs to be resolved; once it is, their healthcare concerns will be likewise addressed — one way or another.  Until then, they should also have their basic healthcare requirements met.

Now, for the rest of us.  The key is that we have a responsibility to provide for our own healthcare needs — not a right to have our healthcare wants met.  By focusing on responsibility, we take control of our health, lifestyle, and healthcare, treating it like we do everything else, as a cost/benefit consideration.

Then, to help rein in the skyrocketing costs, there needs to be limits placed on medical liability and reasonable caps put on settlements.  Certainly, we need to penalize those who file frivolous lawsuits.  All three of these abuses serve to push costs higher and higher; they must be controlled.

Next, we need to cut back on unneeded procedures, tests, and treatments.  All too often, these merely increase costs without providing value.  Again, these need to be evaluated based on their cost/benefit.

That’s my idea, Mr. President.  Will you consider it?

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