Obama, McCain, or None of the Above

I am an increasingly disenfranchised voter.  I have serious misgivings about whoever is elected being able to make any substantive and meaningful changes.

As the presumptive nominees emerged from the primaries, I realized that neither candidate excited me.  So I seriously considered casting a protest vote by selecting a third party candidate.  But realizing that would be a waste of time, I then considered not voting at all; that is, “none of the above.”  I suspect that many, many others feel that way, which is why voter participation in the US is shrinking.

Barack Obama is a dynamic orator and oozes charisma.  Since I have already conceded that our next President will not make a significant change, I might as well cast my vote for a person who will at least make history by being the first minority elected President in the US.

On the other hand there is John McCain.  He’s been part of the political machine for a long time, so his “change” platform is suspect, yet he is a maverick — and I like that.  As a war veteran (and POW beside) he may have the best insight and understanding on dealing with the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Since we are already there, regardless of why, we need to succeed and then get out as quickly as possible.  That’s important to me.

As far as their VP running mates, I realized that it was unlikely that anyone Obama picked would increase his standing with me; Biden proved that true.  Although most of McCain’s options didn’t pique my interest either, I suspected that a couple might.  Sarah Palin has done that — and since the media is so against her, she automatically gains my respect!

So, as it turns out, this election will be historic: The first minority President or the first female VP.  And although race and gender shouldn’t be a factor — and they aren’t for me — the media is making them become issues.

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