Office 2010

As I mentioned in my post about my new computer, I am now “enjoying” Microsoft Office 2010.  Had I been using Office 2007, the switch would have been easy, but my migration is from Office 2003.

For my last computer upgrade, I purposely retained Office 2003.  The user interface on Office 2007 was quite different (a learning curve issue) and cumbersome to use (an efficiency issue).  I had hoped in vain that the 2010 version would return to the earlier interface, but that was a foolish longing.  With Office 2003 clearly showing its age, I took the leap to 2010; it’s not been a pleasant experience.

When I share my Office 2010 angst with people, their response is generally patronizing, implying that once I get used to it, my efficiency will return.  They are wrong.  Quite simply, when it takes two mouse clicks to do what used to take one, I will never do that as quickly.  Even worse are tasks that used to take two clicks that now take four or five.  When I spend the majority of my workday using the Office suite of products, these additional clicks add up.

Fortunately, to keep my hands on the keyboard, I learned many of the Word shortcut keys.  Thankfully, they seem to still work the 2010 version.  (One change is that alt-O-E-T is now alt-O-E-C – and yes, I use it a lot.  Plus, for some reason, I now need to do alt-T-W slowly or it gets hung up on “T”.)

Despite the frustrations that simple routine tasks will always take longer, I am discovering new features and pleasing improvements.  These are nice bonuses.  I am sure that one day I will say that I like Office 2010 – but I will never say that it is quicker.

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