Olympic Fever

I have Olympic fever.  Do you?

My DVR has been busily recording all the televised coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics and I have been hopelessly endeavoring to keep up.  The only way to completely do so would be to cease working for two weeks, which, although inviting, is not a viable option.  So the next best solution is to be selective in the events I enjoy and fast-fingered with the buttons on the remote.

I gravitate towards those events that are evaluated by time or distance, eschewing those that are judged.  Of course, those events that have both, such as ski jumping (distance and style), present a quandary.

I best like the short-track skating, and am especially amused by the fast-paced, organized confusion of the relay.  The long-track/speed staking is good too, though with the longer races, I find myself skimming through the middle sections.  (This often happens with any momentary boredom — after all, why be bored when I have 30 hours of unviewed material awaiting me?)  I also greatly like the snowboard cross, likely for the same reasons I enjoy the short-track.  Even so, the frequent wipeouts seem so unfair.

I’ve enjoyed the biathlon (which I just realized, I’ve been pronouncing with an extra syllable), which is a combo of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.  I readily admit to not grasping the strange combination of events or its appeal — though any sport to the uninitiated is undoubtedly a bit strange and perplexing.  Even more perplexing is the Nordic combined (ski jumping and cross-country skiing.)  Then there is curling, which simultaneously draws in and repels me.  I watch it — and don’t know why.

For the sake of time, I’m skipping hockey until we get closer to the medal rounds.

Figure skating, reportedly the most popular event, is one that I mostly skip.  First, I don’t like that fact that it is judged and second that the focus of the judging is on the negative, losing points for being less than perfect, instead of earning points for being stellar.

There’s more to share, but that will have to wait — I think the DVR is getting filled up.

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