How to Deal with Olympic Overdose

Although I don’t watch a lot of sports on TV, I get really excited every couple of years when the Olympics roll around (both the summer and winter games).

The Olympics gives me an abundance of sports, both in terms of variety and amount. I gravitate towards the contests that are quantifiable: points, goals, time, and distance, but not so much the judged events.

Each day throughout the Olympics I record 10 to 15 hours of sporting spectaculars, attempting to condense the best aspects into three hours of viewing pleasure each evening and a bit more on the weekends. Even so, I can’t keep up.

Aside from doing my regular work, I don’t accomplished much else during the Olympics.

Though I greatly anticipate the Olympics and excitedly watch the Olympics, I’m also glad when the Olympics are over and life can return to normal.

And normal is right around the corner for me — as soon as I watch the final 15 hours of recordings.

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