One Step Closer to Fiber Optics

In June, I reported that a fiber optic ring was being installed in my area, offering high-speed Internet, video, and digital telephone. The first sign of tangible progress in my neighborhood occurred in August. First, all the underground utilities were marked: natural gas, electrical power, telephone, and cable. By the time everything was identified, I had 54 flags poking up in my yard, signifying the various buried utilities that needed to be avoided. I know that there were 54 markers, because I had to mow around everyone for three weeks — but that was a small price to pay for promise of high-speed Internet.

When they began work, my DSL was having technical difficulties and I naively envisioned that within a week or two, I would be connected to something better. Alas, that was wishful thinking. I called the fiber provider, who gave me a vague timetable of “by next spring.”

All the crew was doing was laying the conduit that the cable would eventually be run through. Even so, I found myself finding excuses to take peeks at their progress throughout the day. Three weeks later, they moved on to the next street.

I feared that all we would have would be empty conduit until next spring. Then today, a new crew showed up. They began pulling the fiber through the conduit and installing cans, which would later serve as distribution points. Again, I found it hard to work, as I would have preferred to watch them work. They made good progress and I suspect will have all the fiber pulled in my neighborhood in a day or two.

Still, I will need to wait longer, as the next step will be to run fiber to my house. I know, I’m a geek about such things, but I can hardly wait.

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