Politicians Have a Fiduciary Failure

Yesterday it seemed that a solution to the downward spiraling financial crisis was imminent, with US legislation designed to shore up failing institutions and restore public confidence in the financial markets.  It turned out to be a false hope.

What happened?  The US House of Representatives failed to pass the bill.

Who controls the House?  The Democrats

Who is the Speaker (leader) of the House?  Nancy Pelosi

Who took center stage in the defeat?  Nancy Pelosi

Who did I, last Thursday, identify as being more interested in political expediency than serving the American people?  The same, Nancy Pelosi.

It seems that the glare of the spotlight and the heady power she is experiencing in the midst of this is too much for her to handle, leaving the rest of us to wait for her to come to her senses and do the right thing.

Enough said.

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