President Obama and The Future of Healthcare Reform

Last week was a historical senate vote in Massachusetts of near epic proportions.  Essentially, it became a referendum on the President Obama’s first year in office, in general, and the healthcare debate, in particular.  The result of the contest did not bode well for our President.  I wonder if he’s listening, really listening, to what the people have said.  What I do know is that his demeanor is more subdued and he has lost a bit of his swagger.

In politics, our elected officials, including President Obama, have one of three primary goals, which becomes the focus for what they do and say:

  1. Their job is to serve the will of the people,
  2. Their goal is be re-elected, or
  3. Their intent is to advance an ideology.

They can’t do all three; ultimately, only one will be their true and overarching focus.  That means:

  1. If President Obama’s views his real job as to serve the people, he will respond to their message and do an about-face on healthcare.  He may not drop it completely, but at the very least, he will reverse course, providing what the people want.
  2. If President Obama’s true goal is to be re-elected, he will distance himself from this hot potato in order to avoid committing political suicide.
  3. If President Obama’s genuine intent is to advance an ideology, then he will doggedly stay the course.

I don’t see him doing options 1 or 2, so we will likely see him continue his unrelenting push for a healthcare overhaul — even if it’s not what the majority want or if it will render him a one-term President.

The State of the Union address tomorrow may shed some light on what we can reasonably expect.

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