President Obama’s First 100 Days as the 44th President of the USA

Today, I am told, marks President Obama’s first 100 days in office.  Many newscasters and political junkies are taking this time to assess his initial progress.

By the way, 100 days of a four-year term is about 7%.  I think that it would make more sense to take a reading at the 10% point, which would be day 146.  But since I will likely forget to do so on June 14, I will join the others in making a 100-day review.

Let’s see.  He has been a very busy President.  Indeed, there is much to do and he seems to be a man of action.  Although action doesn’t equate to success, I’m impressed and will give him a point for activity.

He has an economic stimulus plan in place.  However, I believe these monies have less to do with stimulating the economy (since much of the windfall is not yet distributed and good portions of it won’t be spent for a year or two) and more about funding many of his pet projects.  Even though I award it begrudgingly, I think he should get a double score on this politically savvy one-two punch.

He is projecting a kinder, gentler US of A in the global scene.  On the surface, this seems good and long overdo.  I don’t like being a citizen of the world’s perceived bully state, but upon reflection, I recall that the schoolyard bully was never picked on.  I’ve give him one point for reaching out to other nations, but reserve the right to dock him two if things go south for us (the US) on the world scene.

There was some bungling on appointees who had trouble paying taxes and did the sorts of things that would send us normal people to jail.  I’m not sure if this was a result of oversight, incompetence, or arrogance — and it doesn’t really matter; the results were the same.  Minus one point.

He also gets a sentimental point for a successful freeing of the Somalian hi-jacked ship captain.  It was more fortuitous luck than good leadership, but still, it could have ended badly and didn’t.

I’ll continue these thoughts tomorrow, as there is still more to say.

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