President Obama’s Healthcare Reform

Two months ago, I speculated that president Obama would doggedly pursue healthcare reform as an ideology (which, for better or worse, could become his legacy).  Last month, I pointed out that the House of Representatives could do an end-run on the whole political process, merely passing the bill that the Senate had already approved.

This is one time when I am sad to say that I was right.  It’s not that I am against healthcare reform.  There is a definite need for it, which I heartily support; unfortunately, my ideas for healthcare reform.

While it remains to be seen if this law will result in substantive, positive improvements, I personally expect that my healthcare costs will go up and the quality of my care will go down.  I hope that I am wrong, but fear that I am right.

Aside from a present shortage of doctors, the threats that more will leave the field, and a growing shortage of nurses, the reality is that millions of more patients will soon be added to the system, putting additional strain on already stretched personnel.

Once president Obama signs the bill, it will be a done deal — all except for the threat of lawsuits — so the best thing we can collectively do as a nation is to be supportive of our president and to make the best of the situation.

Let’s not fixate on what did and didn’t happen — and just move forward. didn’t make it into the bill.

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