Q1 Addendum

Here are some updates on previous entries:

Who Told AARP About My Birthday?, January 24 and AARP Revisited, January 30: I groused about the AARP wanting me to join after I reached their minimum age requirement.  Now AARP sent me a temporary membership card.  I know I should give this serious consideration — given all the discounts I could receive — but I have a mental block about being a member.  I am, after all, young at heart!  An anonymous friend at AARP (I’ve decided to call him or her Terry) comments on my blog whenever I mention AARP.  Let’s see what insight Terry has to share.

Do You Have Vista?, February 8: After admitting that I have the CD for Vista but haven’t installed it on my laptop, I received ample feedback.  None of which encouraged me to move forward.  I guess I’ll stick with Windows XP for as long as I can.  But what to do when it’s time to upgrade my desktop at year end?  Do I buy it with Vista or delay my hardware upgrade?

My weeklong series on movies (Movie Madness, Movie Maven, Black and White in a Technicolor World, The Silent Treatment; February 26 to 29) yielded interest and yawns.  Depending on your perspective you will either become excited or want to brace yourself — because I will be blogging more about movies in the future!

The Price of Information, March 19: A weekly, 8-page, email newsletter was offered to me for $945.  I declined their offer.  Yesterday they mailed me a better deal: only $745.  Let’s see if they go lower.  However, even it becomes free, I will decline.  It’s too boring.

Spring Has Sprung, March 18: It may have been wishful thinking.  Four days later, we got 15 inches of snow.  The tulips survived, but the robins didn’t know what to make of all the cold, white stuff.

Checkmate, March 21: Son, Dan, took three of four chess games from dear old dad.  Wanting to see if it was a fluke or a trend, the series was resumed a few days later.  This time dad took 3 of 4, to even things out.  To be fair, Dan was distracted and dad was extra focused!  [also see Goodbye Bobby Fischer, January 22]

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