Sarah Palin Goes Rogue in Grand Rapids

It seems that in recent days, every time you turned around you heard about Sarah Palin and her new book, “Going Rogue.”  Released yesterday, it was immediately proclaimed a best seller.

To promote it, Sarah appeared on several news/talk shows this week.  She also embarked on a campaign-style book tour, starting in nearby Grand Rapids (GR), Michigan.  She picked Michigan citing her disappointment in not being able to campaign here after the McCain campaign abruptly shut down its efforts in the state shortly after Sarah joined the ticket — not to mention that GR is an extremely friendly environment for her.

My wife works in GR and although that fact precluded her from standing in line all morning to secure the requisite wristband to meet Sarah and receive an autograph copy, she did nonetheless make it to the event.  The media reported that thousands stood in line — and my bride was one of them.  Although she didn’t get to meet Sarah, she was able to see her — and receive an autographed card to place in the book she purchased.

Whether you like Sarah or dislike her — I happen to like her — it is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.  Certainly, it is vastly more interesting than the incessant wranglings in Washington about healthcare reform.

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