“Something went wrong! Take a deep breath and try again.”

I’ve been having an annoying window pop up on my computer every now then.  Although it takes but a mouse click to close, I do wish I could permanently rid myself of it.

The message is: “Wikia Search: Something went wrong! Take a deep breath and try again.”

Java Script Error Message

I’ve been taking a lot of “deep breaths” lately — not because “something went wrong” (at least not that I can tell) or that I need to “try again,” but because I need to close that darn window before I can continue working.

It’s been doing it for a couple of months, seemingly starting about the time that Wikia Search reportedly shut down.

When I first encountered the erroneous error message, I Googled it, getting a few matches, but no useful insight.  Another Google search today shed no additional insight into the matter.

My computer is doing some other strange things, too, like the 21 second delay (for which I gratefully discovered a work around solution) and not opening Word documents when I double click on them.

I think the ultimate solution is to buy a new computer or reformat the hard drive of this one — neither of which I want to deal with right now — so I guess I’ll just need to “take a deep breath” and close the window — again.

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