Speaking of Baseball

Although I follow the Detroit Tigers, you would be hard pressed to call me a fan.  It’s been years since I have watched a complete game.  In fact, it was in the Tigers last post-season push a few years back that I even watched a complete inning.  The game just moves too slowly.  I get bored between pitches.

Nevertheless, if I happen to be watching a TV show live (which I seldom do), I will flip to the game to catch the score during commercials.  If I am watching something recorded (which is more common), then when my show is over, I will check out the score of the game.  I might only do this one or two nights a week, but twice this year I have flipped to the game and on the next pitch, I saw a Tiger hit a walk-off home run*.

What are the odds?

* A “walk-off home run” is a game-winning, game-ending home run.  It is not overly common; it can only occur when the home team is behind and during their last at bat.  The batter hits a home run, which wins the game for his team, giving them a victory instead of a likely defeat.  The game is over at that point and both teams “walk off” the field.

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