Speaking of Sports

Last summer our neighbor stopped by to chat and we began talking about auto racing.  He’s a NASCAR fan, whereas we prefer Indy racing.  He said he enjoys the “bumping and grinding” of NASCAR.  My bride casually remarked that you can’t have that with open wheel racing.  His jaw dropped in astonishment.  “You are so lucky, Peter,” he said in awe and with admiration, “that you’re married to someone who knows what open-wheel racing is.”

A few weeks later, I’m wrapping up my annual visit with my financial planner.  Making small talk, he inquires about our evening plans.  “Candy will probably want to watch the Red Wings,” I reply off-handedly

He looks at me wistfully, “I wish my wife would watch hockey with me.”

Fast forward to last night; we (that is, my bride and I — not my financial planner and I) are in Detroit watching the Red Wing’s first playoff game.  It was her idea, actually.  Although I’ve been to many hockey games over the years at various levels, this marked my first NHL game.

Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena

I quickly realized, however, that my bride’s approach to embracing the evening was different from mine.  When I could contain myself no longer, I observed, “You’re here for the overall experience and to take pictures, not really to watch the game, right?”

“Well, yeah,” she responded incredulously.  “I can watch the game when we get home.”

Silly me; I thought it was about watching the game.  I guess that’s the difference between us.

By the way, after an initial slow start, Detroit soon took command of the game, winning 4 to 1.

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