Springtime Color

I’ve not yet posted any photos of my lawn this year.  That’s because I’ve had nothing new or significant to share.

My flowering crab apple tree was as beautiful (and fragrant) as ever, but I could have posted last year’s picture and no one would have known the difference.  The same goes for the periwinkle, while, as expected, the phlox continues its decline.

I also had my usual springtime dropping of Maple leaves, though thankfully this year was less severe than last.

But here is a new picture (from this year!)  I don’t know its official name, but my family calls it “Snow on the Mountain,” which is most appropriate, given its white and green variegated leaves.  (My agriculture teacher apparently did not share my appreciation for its beauty, gruffly referring to it as “gout weed.”)
Snow on the Mountain

Regardless of its label, I really like it.  It looks like this through the spring and most of the summer, though inevitably towards the end of summer the leaves turn brown and it looks half dead — only to revive with water and extra attention.  Each year I endeavor to bypass this “half dead” phase, but so far have not been able to come up with the right combination of moisture and care.

Even so, I am able to enjoy it for several months.

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