Super Ads for the Super Bowl

Like many people I watched the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl Ads.

The game was a good one, with the outcome in doubt up until the very end.

The commercials were good, too. Many were creative and smart. But I was so drawn in by others that I missed the product being promoted. Although I was entertained, these ads failed at their primary mission: to inform or sway.

As always, I enjoyed the e-Trade ad and Doritos user-generated spots. I especially appreciated Matthew Broderick playing off his Ferris Bueller role, but don’t know what product he was promoting.

The ad I enjoyed the most, however, as a local spot that I believed aired at 5:59, right before the official coverage began. In it, US Senate hopeful, Pete Hoekstra, had a great ad that cleverly called his opponent Debbie Stabenow, “Debbie-Spend-it-Now.”

Although some people without a sense of humor are decrying the ad as racist, these purveyors of political correctness are choosing to miss the point. Michigan’s current senator has spent too much of taxpayer dollars, while her opponent, “Pete-Spend-it-Not” has a different idea.

Regardless of the controversy, that ad is my Super Bowl highlight.

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