Tax Cut or Tax Increase?

With the debate over income taxes escalating, all manner of rhetoric is being spewed forth. Perhaps the most egregious was in a commentary published in Sojourners magazine. Although anyone can have an opinion, not every opinion deserves to be published.

In this case, the opening salvo of their invective reads, “It’s hard to believe that we’re having a national debate about giving more money to those who have the most,” (emphasis added).

Giving money? Really? No, this debate is about taking money.

To assert that this issue is a matter of the government giving money, implies that the money we earn actually belongs to the government in the first place, that it is theirs to redistribute as they deem appropriate, that they generously give some of our money back to us. Doesn’t that sound like socialism or communism? It’s that extreme thinking that has enraged the electorate and just months ago caused an election of epic proportions, removing many from power.

At first I assumed this assertion of giving money was one made out of ignorance, but looking at the positions of the authors — who should know better — my only conclusion is that theirs was a statement of arrogance. Shame on them.

Not only is this debate about how much money the government takes, more importantly it’s a debate about rather or not to maintain existing tax rates that have been in place for a decade.

While much of the media portrays this as a debate over decreasing taxes or keeping things the same, the true consideration is over keeping taxes the same or greatly increasing them. To not extend the current rates, will have the chilling effect of a massive tax increase. That is what this debate is all about.

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