Taxes, It’s a Sure Thing

Like most States in the United States, Michigan is grappling with it finances, challenged in passing a balanced budget, which is a requirement of State law.  Many of those involved are trying to do so without raising taxes.

I am not sure if this is related, but I noticed on my recent cell phone bill that the line item for “State/Local 911” increased 234 %, yes two hundred and thirty-four percent.  Even though it comprises a small part of the all charges, the total of my bill (with all other things unchanged), increased 4.5 %.

This also showed up on my landline bill.  However, there are enough other items that vary from month to month that I didn’t notice it — until I specifically looked after seeing the charges on my cell phone bill.

So even though the politicians say that they won’t be raising taxes, there are ways to sneak them in without most people noticing or objecting.

I noticed and I object!

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