Tell Nancy Pelosi It Isn’t “Right”

Nancy Pelosi is not one of my favorite politicians.  Today she made my blood boil.  In an interview, she had the audacity to state that healthcare is not a privilege; healthcare is a right.

Say, what?!

As far as I know, healthcare is not listed in the constitution or included in the bill of rights.  It is not a right.  Yet Ms. Pelosi has either the arrogance or the ignorance to assert that it is.

If healthcare is a right, then Uncle Sam needs to be providing it to all of us in the US — and I would then be able to save the thousands of dollars a year that I pay for the privilege of healthcare.

Yes, healthcare is a mess.  It is too expensive, too cumbersome, and too much of a hassle.  But redefining it as a “right” will not solve the problem; it will only make people demand their right to have it — for free.

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