The Best Laid Plans

Having decided to forgo Windows Vista on my desktop computers (which are my primary work computers), I’ve been holding out for Windows 7.  Towards that end, I had a plan.  It considered idea timing, low hardware costs, and software availability; the plan was to:

  1. Buy a new computer during the holiday sales (addressing the cost issue), order with the new Windows 7 (the availability issue), and work on installing all my applications and moving data over to it the later part of December, which is normally a slower time for me at work (ideal timing).
  2. Once everything was working satisfactorily, I would reformat the hard drive on the old computer (which had been have some flaky, but relatively minor problems — such as the 21 second delay and not being able to run Internet Explorer 7) and reload all the programs on it.  It would then become my backup computer.
  3. Then, the hard drive on my old backup computer would be similarly reformatted and used to replace the home desktop.
  4. The old home computer then would become available for re-use, re-cycling, or donation.

That was the plan, but my computer had different ideas.

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