The Birds Are Singing

I’ve worked at home for over eleven years.

With a home office, it’s critical to have a professional, work-like environment. This is especially true when you are on a phone call (or video call). There can be no household noises, such as blaring TVs or radios, crying children, barking dogs, or talking spouses. These sounds can all be picked up on the phone and heard by callers.

This has never been an issue for meā€”until now. Not that any of the preceding has become an issue, but I have introduced another decidedly non-business sound.

Last year I moved my office from a windowless room in the basement to an unused bedroom on the main floor. When the weather is nice, I open up the window for some fresh air.

Recently, while on a phone call with the window open, the person I was talking to asked, “Do I hear birds?”

Indeed she did. A musical concord of songbirds was serenading me outside my window. Though melodic and soothing, they were also quite loud. But I would have never guessed their unrestrained happiness could have been heard on the other end of my phone call.

Singing birds may be unprofessional, but I’m okay with that.

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1 reply on “The Birds Are Singing”

I was just thinking about this today, I have worked at home for over a decade as well. My problem isn’t the noises, it’s other people thinking I’m just lounging around eating bon bons not actually at work!

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