The Detroit Red Wings Go For a Repeat of the Stanley Cup

The National Hockey League (NHL) Stanley Cup Playoffs began this week.  Tonight the defending champion Detroit Red Wings begin their efforts for a repeat at  Detroit’s Joe Lewis Arena.

My bride and I will be there.  It may surprise you that it was her idea and not mine.  Yep!  I would have been content to watch it from the comforts of our own living room — or even skipped the game, merely checking out the score online tomorrow morning.  That also would have saved us a total of six hours on the road (three each way).

Anyway, on the day the tickets went on sale, she was simultaneously online and on the phone trying to score two relatively cheap tickets in the nosebleed section.  She was successful.

The crazy thing about the tickets is that they went on sale — and we bought them — before the date and time of the game had been decided.  We assumed the game would be Tuesday or possibly Wednesday.  To our dismay, it was Thursday, forcing us to hastily cancel some prior commitments.

The Wings are the second seed, playing Columbus, a seven seed that has never been in the playoffs since joining the NHL in 2000.  It sounds like it should be cakewalk, if not for the fact that the Wings ended their season by winning only three of ten games, squandering their chance for a number one seed and the best overall record.  They certainly didn’t peak for the playoffs.  That means that the outcome of tonight’s game is anyone’s guess.

If they win, the trip will have been worth it; if they lose, I will have wished I’d stayed home and gotten a good night’s rest.

(Check back tomorrow — I’ll let you know the outcome.)

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