The Detroit Red Wings

Let me gloat for a bit.  The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup!  The Wings were actually seconds away from winning it on Monday, but the Pittsburgh Penguins tied up the game with about 35 second remaining and then won in triple overtime.  That forced a game six, with Pittsburgh making a valiant effort to tie that game as well.  But Detroit prevailed and won the Cup for the fourth time in 11 years.  Considering that there was no 2004/05 season, the Wings have won four of the last 10.  That is quite amazing.

Speaking of the 2004/05 non-season, which was eliminated due to a prolonged player strike, I understand that the television audience has yet to bounce back.  Such was the case with the Major League Baseball strike in 1994.  It took several years for viewership to return; I never did.  Sure, I watch bits and piece of Detroit Tigers games, but haven’t watched a complete game — or even a few consecutive innings — for about 15 years.

I follow the Detroit Pistons in like manner.  They came up short in the post-season, falling for the third year in the conference championship.  Aside from the overt grandstanding, my big beef with the NBA is that the last couple of minutes of a close game takes about 30 minutes to watch.  The same goes for football, for which I’m tempted to say that there is no professional team in Detroit.

Although I watched quite a bit of the Red Wings post season games, I doubt if I saw a complete game.  Even with a DVR, where you can watch a hockey game in a little more than an hour, it doesn’t hold my attention for the duration.  The same is true with all sports.  What comes closest in garnering my attention is an Indy race, but even then I generally record it and start watching the beginning when the race is half over.  By skipping the commercials and the fillers, I usually make up the time lag, finishing the race in real time.

So, I’m interested in sports, but not a fanatic; I track my favorites, but an overview is fine; the minutia is superfluous.  Besides, there are better ways to spend my time.

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