The Future of the Legal Profession

I recently made the acquaintance of a lawyer who was a founding partner in his firm.  I asked what he saw for the future of his profession.

His answer was quick and direct: “There are too many law schools that are graduating too many lawyers.”

I pondered the ramifications of this.  “Does that mean there will be graduates who won’t find jobs,” I asked, “or an increase in lawsuits?”

His answer was sobering.  “Both,” he declared with a bit of acquiesced sadness.

The discussion of the group then migrated to states attorneys general, positions that are filled by lawyers.  I’ve never given this position much thought or concern, but I think that will change.  Someone in the group noted that the position of state attorneys general is viewed as a stepping-stone to state governorship, which was confirmed by the group to often be proved out.

Does that mean some of the preceding can’t-find-work attorneys might go into politics?

With apologies to my new friend, I shudder at the thought. I think we already have too many lawyers who are in politics.

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