The Hapless Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions reached football infamy yesterday, completing their regular season by going winless and compiling a record of 0 – 16.  They also lost their last regular season game in 2007, so their losing streak stands at 17 games and spans two seasons.

The conventional wisdom is that the Lions organization has routinely made poor draft selections over the years, hence the reason for their dismal record.  Nonetheless, head coach Rod Marinelli was fired anyway.

It was announced that ticket prices for next year’s Lions games will be the same or less than this year.  That’s probably a good idea.  A better idea would be to make some stellar draft picks in the off-season — they get two first round selections and the first pick overall.

By the way, the Detroit Lions are owned by William Clay Ford, Sr. (who retired from Ford Motor Company in 2005) and the Lions play at Ford Field, a name for which Ford Motor Company paid $40 million.

So the Detroit Lions are winless and the closely linked Ford Motor Company is not doing well either.  I wonder, is there a connection?

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