The Highs and Lows of QuickBooks

When I am pleased with a company or product, I like to trumpet my delight.  When I am displeased, I prefer to not name names.  However, what should I do when a product that I really like, really disappoints me?  (As too often occurs with Microsoft.)

This is also the case with QuickBooks.  I use it to run my business; I depend on it to run my business.  Although I wish to avoid expressing “love” for inanimate things, it’s challenging to keep from saying that I love QuickBooks — except for when it is time to upgrade.

Over the years, I’ve bought new versions four or five times.  Sometimes the install goes smoothly, while other times it does not.  Three upgrades, I installed the new software, but the application generated an error message.  I called support, but since I didn’t have a support agreement, they declined to help me (less I paid them more money than what the new software cost).  I submitted that since it was an install failure, they should help me anyway.  They disagreed; they prevailed.  After a couple hours of online searching, I was found a solution, which got me back up and running.

Since that time, I’ve stopped buying the annual upgrades.  The risk is too great.  However, last month OfficeMax gave me a deal for the new version that was too good to pass up.  The install proceeded without incident.  I called Intuit for the final authorization code.  When I entered it, I got an error message.  Things went downhill quickly, with the customer service rep ultimately declaring that the install failed and I would need to contact support.  The price of that call would be two and a half times what I paid for the software.  With raised voice, I expressed my extreme displeasure and then hung up.

Upon cooling down, I rebooted my computer and entered the code again.  This time the “install problem” did not manifest and the program worked.  I would have been really peeved had I paid tech support’s exorbitant fee only to have them tell me to reboot.

Although, I will happily continue using QuickBooks, I strongly advise against upgrading it if at all possible.

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