The Last Yard Work for the Season

For the past week, we have enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather, with temperatures in the high sixties to mid seventies.

Last Saturday I mowed my lawn for the last time this season.  If you’re thinking that this is rather late for Michigan, you’re right. The grass really hasn’t grown much in the past few weeks, but it’s been on the long side for a while and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give it the final trim for the season.

My mower wasn’t the only one out on that balmy day. However, all my neighbors were not mowing their lawn, but picking up leaves. Since I don’t have a catcher for my mower, I can’t pickup my leaves. Besides I have no place to dump them if I did. As it was, I was chopping up a fair number of them, so the leaves are a non-issue—for a while.

Most of my leaves are still in the trees, waiting to fall. (You may recall I had leaves falling in the spring, and then falling stems, and finally falling branches), but this time the leaves are supposed to be coming down.

Once most of the leaves fall, I’ll hire a lawn service to remove them, as there will be too many to chop up with my mower.

I do hope that the leaves fall soon, as it is supposed to cool off tomorrow and could snow on Sunday. I don’t suspect there is much hope in getting rid of the leaves when they’re covered with snow!

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