The Petals Have Fallen

Two years ago, I posted some photos of the spring colors in my yard.  The first photo in that batch was my flowering crab apple tree.  It is now a bit larger than a couple of years ago, meaning it has more blossoms.  This year I was able to enjoy its color for a couple of weeks.  (Technically, white is a absence of color, but it seems wrong to say I enjoyed its absence of color).

Alas that time is now past and the petals have dropped off.  At a quick glance, it looks like a bit of snow has fallen!
Flowering Grab Tree: Fallen Petals

Below is a close-up of the driveway and lawn.  (There are even more petals in the lawn, but they are harder to see, as they have fallen into the lawn and are obscured bu the grass.)

Fruit Tree Fallen Petals - Close Up

When the flowers were at their peak, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of honey bees milling about it’s countless blossoms.  I don’t know where their hive is, but I think that they owe me some honey!

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