The Politics of NEA

We’ve now received 7 mailings from the NEA (National Education Association) and MEA (Michigan Education Association) about the election.  The first few were anti-McCain rhetoric and the rest were pro-Obama gushing — really.  Ironically they have actually caused my opinion of Obama to decrease.  I now see him as less in touch with the middle-class and more extreme.

It is sad that an effort of support is actually having a negative effect, but I find much more that troubles me:

  • Firstly, why is the NEA/MEA sending out so many mailings at their member’s expense?
  • Wouldn’t it be more in line with their union’s core purpose and best interest to do a public service campaign to increase parental involvement in their children’s’ education or make a grassroots appeal for better teacher compensation?
  • Why is the NEA/MEA continuing to mail in a state that is no longer being contested?  Do they have money to burn or are they merely inept marketers?
  • Why does the NEA/MEA provide no way to be removed from the mailings?
  • Why have they not responded to my bride’s emails?
  • Although there are legitimate times when it is in a union’s best interest to endorse one candidate over another, will education really be affected by either in the next four years?  After all, we have the economy, we have the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we have healthcare.  Will there be any time left for education?

It all makes me wonder if the NEA/MEA has lost sight of their real purpose?              

 …to be continued.

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