Anticipating the Primary Election

Today is the primary election in Michigan. Though the presidential primary was so long ago as to be unmemorable, the rest of the offices are under consideration now.

The positions in the US Congress and state level are contested by both parties, but the local offices are the sole domain of one party. The other party has nary an entrant. That means whoever wins the primary will be a sure thing in this fall’s election.

In our contested US house race the¬†incumbent must have been concerned. It seems we were getting one piece of mail a day from him — and on several days, two. He ran a highly negative campaign and his challenger did not. For that reason I voted for his challenger.

On a personal note, my bride decided to run to be a county delegate. There was some excitement when she expressed interest, as apparently our area often goes without. And the ballot reflected that reality. The instructions were to “vote for not more than eight” — and hers was the only name listed.

I’m quite sure she’ll make it.

Even so, on Monday she passed out fliers to 28 neighbors.

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