The Record-Setting Detroit Lions

Yesterday, Michigan’s semi-professional football team, the Detroit Lions played their annual Thanksgiving Day football game.  This enabled the entire country to see how they have managed to compile a 0 and 12 record.  Playing against Tennessee, the final score was a dismal 10 to 47.

It’s been years since I watched an entire football game.  So not surprisingly, I only caught about 5 minutes of this one.  Amazingly, it was when the Lions scored their lone touchdown.  A heads-up defensive play gained possession of the ball, leaving it a debatable few inches shy of the goal.  A few plays later, the offense scored.

I’ve talked with a few Lions fans who are actually hoping for a 0 and 16 season.  Their reasoning seems to be two-fold.  First, going 0-16 may be the Lion’s only chance to set a record this year.  Second, it will guarantee them the best draft pick next year.

Besides, if they go win-less for the season, next year couldn’t be any worse!

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