The Surging Detroit Tigers

On May 24, 26, and 28, sportscasters noted that Detroit sports fans had a major dilemma.  Should they watch the Detroit Pistons basketball playoff games or the Detroit Red Wings hockey playoff games?  No mention was made of the struggling Detroit Tigers’ baseball games, which were a third option on those days.  (For the record, I leaned towards the hockey games, checking out the basketball and baseball games during intermissions and commercials.)

The Pistons were eliminated by the Boston Celtics in the Conference championship on May 30.  All attention (well, most all Motor City attention) turned to the Red Wings.  They won the Stanley Cup on June 4.  Detroit celebrated with a massive parade on June 6.  (See “Speaking of Sports” for more info.)

Guess what happened on June 7?  The Detroit Tigers won.  And they continued winning, compiling a record of 8 wins and 1 loss since then, with a current winning streak of 6 games.

Could it be that all they needed was a bit of attention?  Sure, their loyal fans were always there, but the more generic Detroit sports fans were surely watching playoff games.  And sportscasters would certainly want to talk about winning teams on title runs, than the lackluster results of a struggling club, with a losing record, playing below their potential.

You’d think that when you’re being paid the big bucks, you shouldn’t need attention to succeed, but in reality professional baseball players are people just like us — and we all do better with a little bit of attention by people who want us to succeed.  Go Tigers!

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