The US Presidential Election is Drawing Near

The US Presidential election is now less than one week away.  I can hardly wait for it to be over.  I am weary of the media preoccupation, the unnecessary focus on the minutia, and the incessant ads and promotions.  But some people have it worse — they are in a contested state and likely being deluged with phone calls and mailings as well.

Since my state, Michigan, has been conceded by the McCain camp, we’ve received nary a phone call for the presidential race.  We have received some mailings, however, but not many.  The State Republican party just sent their fourth (the first three were about absentee voting), while the NEA / MEA (National Education Association and the Michigan Education Association) have mailed us ten — or more.  It’s become laughable and I have lost track.

Although the mainstream media is portending an Obama rout of McCain, I think it will be much closer than that — to the point of being too close to call.

As I recall, in the 1980 presidential race, the left-leaning media was saying it was too close to call only for Reagan to surprise everyone with a landslide victory.  Although I’m not predicting a landslide, I am anticipating a close contest with the winner not quickly decided.

But for whoever wins, one thing I know: they will deserve my support — and they’ll get it.  That’s part of what it means to be an American.

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