Trimming the Tree

Last week we packed up our Christmas decorations, took down the lights (we couldn’t think of a good place to hang “mood lights“), and over the weekend, we trimmed the tree.

Say, what?

Yes, we trimmed the tree.  The first time we “trimmed” it was to put the lights on.  The second time we trimmed it was to get rid of it!

trimmed tree

Yes, we really trimmed it.  The tree was about twice as wide as our doorway.  It wasn’t going out the same way it came in, so we had to get creative.  The bonus was that we enjoyed the tree once more, as it warmed our living room with its cheery glow.

Burning the Chistmas tree in the fireplace

(Kids, don’t try this at home. Leave it to your crazy parents — who know just how dangerous it is.)

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