Upside Down Addressing

Although the new postal rates are now in effect, I have yet to learn how much more it will cost to mail my magazines.

Now there is another new postage rule for me to figure out.  It’s called “upside down addressing.”  Essentially, the USPS wants the mailing addresses on magazines to be printed upside down.  That is, if the magazine is turned upside down, the address should read correctly in the upper right corner.  I suppose that is to improve automation speed and aid in accuracy.  It will also look funny.

On my magazines (Connections Magazine and AnswerStat) I put the address on the back cover.  This is in part to keep the front cover unadulterated but also because that is how Connections Magazine was when I bought it.  The last thing I want to do is mess around with the addressing.  If the USPS can’t read the addresses, I fear having thousands of them returned to me “undeliverable as addressed.”  Even worse would be for an entire printing to be rejected at the post office.

Although “upside down addressing” can be done on the back cover as well, I’ve yet to see an example.  It’s safe to say that, be it on the front or on the back, a cover redesign of my magazines will be required.  The good thing is that I have a year before it has to be implemented.

Until then, join me in checking out addresses on mailed magazines and watch everyone switch over to “upside down addressing.”

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