Using Technology to Save Energy Causes Martial Conflct

I was away at a convention last week and my bride accompanied me to help out.

At the hotel, I encountered something new (at least to me).  We were instructed about a new energy saving device in the room.  Upon entering, we were to insert our keycard into this wall-mounted device, which would then activate the lights in the entryway and bathroom.  Then, when we leave the room, we simply remove the keycard and those things are automatically shut off about 25 seconds later.  (And yes, I really did verify that it works.  It’s kind of like wanting to know that the refrigerator light actually goes out when the door is shut.)

I mused aloud that as an added bonus, I would know exactly were my keycard was when I leave the room.

It’s an ingenious system — except when you have two people sharing a room, but operating on different schedules.

You see, on the first morning, I shuffled off to breakfast while my wife was still in the bathroom.  (She often skips breakfast and I seldom do.)  Twenty-five seconds later, I am a safe distance away and she suddenly finds herself in the dark.


Isn’t technology great?

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