Vikings and Packers and Lions! Oh, My!

With Brett Favre playing for the Minnesota this year, I have become a bit of a Vikings fan.  In most games, Favre has treated fans to spectacular plays and contagious enthusiasm that defy his years (he is 40).  With each game, he seemingly breaks someone else’s record or extends one of his own.  Besides, he’s just fun to watch.  Tomorrow, Minnesota plays New Orleans, the prize of which is a trip to the Super Bowl.  I’ll be watching — and rooting.

Favre’s former team, my long-time favs, the Green Bay Packers, had a good season, earning a wild card spot in the post season.  Aside from their first and last plays of their playoff game, their offensive push against Arizona was stellar.  Alas, they ended up on the short end with an overtime 51 to 45, season-ending loss.

For my state’s semi-pro team, the Detroit Lions, their season ended even sooner — though perhaps not soon enough for the hapless underdogs.  Nevertheless, there is much for them to celebrate, having improved this year over last year:

  • They didn’t go winless.
  • They won two games.
  • They didn’t have the worst record (the Rams earned that distinction, only winning once).
  • They finished the year with only a 6 game losing streak (as I recall, last year they finished with a 17 game losing streak).
  • The Lions will get the second pick of the draft!

The Vikings and Packers and Lions!  Oh, my!

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