We Need Some Rain

In the last six weeks, we’ve only received about three quarters of an inch of rain.  That is about one tenth of what we would normally enjoy this time of year.  The crops are suffering and the lawns don’t look so good either.  That means I’ve been doing a lot of sprinkling, dragging hoses around my yard on a periodic basis.  My neighbor doesn’t water her lawn, so there is a stark contrast between the two, which makes mine look all the better.

Brown Grass and Green Grass - the difference is water

In addition to limited rain, it has also been unseasonably cool.  We had one hot week in June, during which we cracked the 100-degree mark, but since then we’ve been in the high seventies to mid eighties, with very cool nights, often into the forties.  It actually feels a lot like fall.

The prediction is for August to be much the same: dry and cool.

Although it’s rained many times in the past six weeks, it is often a trace amount, maybe a tenth of an inch, and once, two tenths.  However, right now there is light mist, with more rain predicted for tomorrow.  Maybe your localized drought will soon be over.

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