Weathering the Storm

When we lost power last weekend, there were high winds at the time.  Very high.  To my dismay, the next morning I spotted three birds’ nests that had been ripped from my trees by the gusty gale.  Although saddened by the loss of home for my animal friends, I was encouraged that most of the nests were apparently empty, as I found only one poor creature who didn’t make it.
Bird Nest it a Strange Place
There was, however, one nest that smartly survived the bluster.  It was snugly secured above a crook in my downspout, safely beneath the protective overhang of my home’s eave.  A good thing too, has it was home to three baby robins.  I noticed them that morning during my inspection of the storm’s damage.  By the time I took a picture later that day, one had already left the nest.

Upon checking later in the day, I spooked another.  With instinct overcoming him, and a mighty squawk and sputter, he took to flight.  I was witness to the first flattering, yet successful, flaps of his wings.  His parents were aghast, making quite a fuss in the process.  One flew near to where he landed and another served as an irritating distraction, with a cacophony of sound and sight.

By the next day, the youngest sibling had likewise “flown the coop.”

The nest is still there, empty, but ready.  Robins often have two broods a year, so mom and dad may be back for a repeat performance later this summer.

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