What a Shock!

I’m a casual follower of the professional sports teams in my home state of Michigan.  While it is unlikely that I ever watch a complete game, I do check out a play or two if I’m channel surfing and periodically go online to see how these various teams are fairing.

Realizing that the WNBA season is underway, I went to the Detroit Shock’s website to see how their year was shaping up.  Boy was I in for a shock — during the off-season they were sold and moved to Tulsa!

I scanned the roster for familiar names; only one of last year’s players remained.  Now called the Tulsa Shock, with a new coach and new jerseys, the only other thing they retained is Detroit’s history of winning three WNBA championships.

There was, however, another familiar name listed.  Familiar not from the sport of basketball, but from track and field.  Her name?  Marion Jones.  Yes, that Marion Jones.  At age 34, she is the league’s oldest rookie — and her team’s eldest player.  Retiring from her original sport in disgrace, she is seemingly seeking a comeback in another.

Although this is an interesting development, her team needs more; they are currently 4 and 19, with the worst record in the WNBA.

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