What Day Is It?

This morning I sat down in my office and glanced at my “Atomic Clock” — the kind that displays the date, day, time, outdoor and indoor temperature, and even the phase of the moon.

Then I did a double take. For it told me that today was Wednesday, March 1 — not Wednesday, February 29. Apparently, my clock does not know that this is leap year and that today is leap day, which squeezes an extra date into the calendar.

I assume that once it does its daily synchronization with the satellite as it flies by, that order will be restored and it will correctly become Wednesday, February 29.

Until that time, I will be glancing at the display every couple of minutes to see if it has self-corrected.

Of course, I could manually adjust the date, but what fun would that be? I don’t want to fix it myself; I want to know that it will make the adjustment for me.

But until that happens, don’t ask me what the date is; I may tell you the wrong one.

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