What Matters Most Is How You Finish

Last night I finished watching the rest of the Olympic coverage that I recorded, including the closing ceremonies.  Now I can recap the games, albeit a couple of days late.

The 2010 Winter Olympics didn’t start out well for Canada with a fatal accident on the luge, a significant mechanical malfunction during the opening ceremonies, a couple of ice resurfacing machines that refused to properly resurface, and weather that didn’t cooperate.  Added to that was the pressure the host country athletes felt to medal, especially to earn gold, and there were many initial disappointments.

However, as is true with any competition, it matters not how well you start, but how well you finish — and Canada finished strong, brilliantly and brightly shining.  Not only did they claim their first ever gold medal on Canadian soil, but then went on to earn 13 more to go with it, setting a record for the winter games.  They also finished third in the overall medal count.  (The US led, also setting a record.)

The Canadian fans were loyal and enthusiastic supporters of their athletes and set great examples of good sportsmanship.  They also know and love to sing their national anthem, setting a high bar for other countries to emulate.

The closing ceremonies were a true celebration.  Cleverly and humorously responding to the mechanical mishaps of 16 days prior, they made a memorable impression and showed that flawless perfection is outclassed by a smart recovery.

Canada, host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, we salute you!

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