What Operating System Do You Use?

I have a new stats engine on my blog and have been accumulating additional stats for about three weeks.  Out of curiosity, I ran the report of the operating systems of those who read my blog.  The results are quite enlightening:

 Windows XP   88%
 Windows NT 4.0    3%
 Windows Home Server    2%
 Windows Vista    2%
 Windows 2000    1%
 Others    3%
 Total  100%

What is interesting is that the vast majority of readers are using Windows XP, not Vista.  Vista is listed fourth at only 2%, slightly ahead of Windows 2000 and behind Windows NT 4.0.

I wish I knew the breakdown for “other.”  I assume that Apple OS are included there, but would have expected a higher number — or maybe Apple owners don’t read this blog.

Although this is not conclusive and certainly not a statistically significant analysis, it is interesting and insightful, nonetheless.

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