What Will The USPS Do?

Yesterday, I talked about the United States Postal Service (USPS) and their poor financial status given increased costs, a fixed infrastructure, and decreased patronage.

I fully expect that one response to this will be a rate increase next May, regardless of the CPI.

They have also been talking about reducing delivery.  Cutting out Saturday is one option, but that would make Monday an even more arduous day.  (I receive more mail on Monday that any other day.  I suspect that is because Sunday provides an extra day for intra-post office delivery, resulting in more mail piled up for Monday.)  They have also talked about delivery every other day.  I could accept either solution — like I have a choice anyway — however, this move would just encourage more people and businesses to seek alternatives.

They have also talked about closing offices.  Reportedly, 677 retail facilities (about 14%) are listed for possible closure.  I have a local post office that is within a couple of miles.  It is a small office, with limited hours (they close for the day at 4:30 as well as for a late lunch, 1:30 to 2:30).  If that office were to close, there is one about six miles to the east and another about six miles to the west.  It would be a minor inconvenience for me, but an emotional loss for our small town.  The result is that I would merely plan my trips to the PO a bit more carefully.

Interesting, the PO to the east is about the same size as the local one — albeit busier — so I suppose it could be on “the list” for closure.  The one to the west is bigger, but I’ve never used it.

Instead of wondering about it, I just checked out the list of possible post offices to be closed and I can’t find any of the three on it., though there is one about 20 miles away that is listed.  Interestingly, it seems that most of the proposed closures are in larger metropolitan areas.

Since this is not going to affect me — I’m all for it!

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