Which Internet Browser Do You Use?

Yesterday, I asked the question, “What Operating System Do You Use?” sharing stats from this blog.  Windows XP was the clear winner and Windows Vista lagged significantly.

Today, I looked at the browsers that were being used.  This was also enlightening:


  MSIE 7.0   70.47%
  MSIE 6.0  12.01%
  Firefox 3.0.1  7.38%
  MSIE 5.5  3.41%
  Firefox  2.00%
  MSIE 5.0  0.68%
  Safari 3.1.1  0.63%
  Chrome  0.42%
  Chrome  0.31%
  Safari 3.1.2  0.29%

Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) represents over 86% of all browsers used, with Foxfire at just over 9%.  Surprisingly, Google’s Chrome is already represented, which is quite impressive for two-week-old browser.

What really amazed me was some of the really old versions still being used.  I will post that list later.  Until then, make sure you’re running the current version of your browser!

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