Which Internet Browser is Best?

I’ve been a long-time advocate of the Internet Browser Firefox. Lately I’ve been rethinking that.

I first switched from Internet Explorer (IE) to Firefox because IE was slow and clunky. As a bonus, Firefox had many neat features that IE lacked. I kept IE around, but only used it when I was forced to. IE v9 is supposed to be a lean and quick browser, but one of the cloud-based providers I use says their service won’t work with IE 9.

Now Firefox is slowing down and becoming clunky. More significantly, I am increasing running into websites that won’t work on Firefox, so I need to use Chrome and sometimes even IE for them to function. But most annoying is Firefox’s frequent updates and the side effects each one causes with add-ons that no longer work.

So, although not excited to give Google one more view into my online existence, I recently switched to Chrome. Chrome has a clean interface and is fast. It has a couple of features Firefox lacks, but also lacks what Firefox has. I used Chrome for a month and when compared to Firefox, what I gave up overshadowed what I gained.

I’m now back to Firefox, but not too happy about it. Firefox is like a comfortable old chair that you want to replace, but can’t find anything better.

Some may ask, what about Safari? I’ve tried that too, but never warmed up to it. Plus Xmarks won’t synchronize my favorites with Safari, where it will with IE, Firefox, and Chrome. Some of my friends assert that Safari is tops, but they all run Macs and I do not.

I have all four browsers on each of my three computers (each running a different version of Windows). This gives me lots of browser options to test my websites — and lots of headaches.

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