Will Obama Make a Difference in Massachusetts?

Anyone who follows the national news in the United States knows that over the weekend, President Obama made a last minute visit to the State of Massachusetts to weigh in on the campaign for the US Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy.  Democratic contender Martha Coakley, once considered a shoe-in and possessing a sizable lead, is now in a veritable dead heat with Republican challenger Scott Brown.

What lies in the balance is much more than who represents the State of Massachusetts, but the future of healthcare reform, the Obama agenda — and the Obama legacy (since this person will be the swing vote for a filibuster-proof Senate).  The vote is shaping up to be more of a referendum on President Obama than anything else, so this slide in the polls is not Coakley’s fault.

Another time when President Obama threw his political weight behind something — having the Olympics in Chicago — the result wasn’t good.  It could very well be that his involvement failed to impress the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and actually backfired.  I wonder if the people of Massachusetts will respond in like manner.

NPR (National Public Radio) reported that in Massachusetts although registered Democrats out-number Republicans by a three to one margin, Independents out number them both, so it will essentially be the Independent voters who will decide.

Tomorrow we will find out the answer — of at least get closer to finding out the answer.  If the vote is close, expect a lot of political ploys and legal maneuvering — it could be that the State of Massachusetts will have a prolonged time of being represented by only one Senator.

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