Windows Live OneCare — Microsoft’s Solution to the Problems They Caused

I was recently asked what I knew about “Windows Live OneCare.” My response was, “Windows what?”

Using Google, I quickly zeroed in on a more informative response. According to Microsoft, Live OneCare is an all-in-one service that includes anti-virus, antispyware, firewall, performance tune-ups, and database backup and restore.

It runs an online scan — providing that you use Internet Explorer. Imagine that, Microsoft forcing you to use their own browser software and blocking all others.

If you want continuous protection, there is a download for a free trial; I’m not sure what the cost is after the trial.

It all sounds great, but wait a second.  Something smells fishy.

Essentially, Microsoft is providing tools to correct issues that were caused by holes in their own software. When you consider the option of paying for the privilege of continuous protection, it becomes annoying.

Although this will ruffle some feathers, this seems only a few degrees removed from the spammers who infect your computer, lock your files, and then demand a payment for the code to unlock them.

The real question is, why doesn’t Microsoft make this part of Windows and provide it free. After all, they caused these issues; don’t they have a fiduciary obligation to fix them?

Despite my rant, I’ll likely give try it. It has to be simpler than the five separate programs that I am currently using — and hopefully cheaper.

For more info check out Live OneCare site and the related forums.

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