Winter is Here — Where are You?

Today officially marks the first day of winter, but to me it’s been “winter” for a month and a half — with about three more months to go!

On my list of favorite seasons, winter comes in fourth.  Currently, we are in the midst of another winter storm, with temperatures in the low single digits and wind chills around – 20 degrees (F).  Many schools were closed on Friday (the kiddies missed their Christmas parties prior to Christmas break) and many churches canceled services today.  Snowplows are out, but haven’t ventured into my neighborhood for a couple of days.

It’s a bit discouraging to already be tired of the snow with it only being the first day of winter, but there is an upside.  Today also marks the day with the least amount of sunlight, so for the next six months, the amount of light will slowly increase each day.  Today sunrise was at about 8:10 AM and sunset at about 5:15 PM; that’s only about 9 hours of “light” for the day — and 15 hours of dark.  However, by June 20, it will be just the opposite.

It will be nice, though, to have a white Christmas.

Have a merry Christmas!

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